Album review: Dan Sartain – ‘Dan Sartain Lives’ (One Little Indian)

Album review: Dan Sartain - 'Dan Sartain Lives' (One Little Indian)


Proper rockabilly from the fastest 'tache in the west

Twiddling his John Waters-esque pencil ’tache in the face of Sailor Jerry-sipping, cherry hairclip-sporting fake rockabilly, Dan Sartain is still your go-to man for authentic Sun Studio-styled riffs and hip swings. For those already familiar with Sartain’s work, there are no surprises here – apart from maybe in the glam [b]‘Doin’ Anything I Say’[/b], with a drum beat which sounds like it’s being hammered out by Suzi Quatro’s glittery platform boots. Even so, there’s hipflasks full of fun to be had in the south-of-the-border sashay and Tijuana twiddles of [b]‘Bad Things Will Happen’[/b] and the way [b]‘Ruby Carol’[/b] cribs the equine beat of the [a]Johnny Cash[/a] version of country classic [b]‘(Ghost) Riders In the Sky’[/b].

[b]Leonie Cooper[/b]