Dan Sartain – ‘Too Tough To Live’

Dan Sartain - 'Too Tough To Live'


A fairly superficial record

Thing is about [a]Dan Sartain[/a] is, it’s all so focused on being ‘cool’. He looks cool in the most orthodox Rebel Without A Cause way possible; obviously, it’s all stripped down bubblegum-garage-punk, which is the default music of people trying to be cool. Except for one (‘Indian Massacre’), the songs all clock in at a way-cool under two minutes, with cool phrasings and cool titles (‘Fuck F*iday’, ‘I Wanna Join The Army’ – yeah, baby), and the sleeve is retro-fetish cool. Cool? It’s alright. Not gonna change anyone’s perception of him, sort of makes you want to wear shades indoors. But is that enough?

[i]Hamish MacBain[/i]


Director: Dan Sartain
Record label: One Little Indian
Release date: 30 Jan, 2012