Dan Sartain – ‘Dudesblood’

Dan Sartain - 'Dudesblood'


Alabama rockabilly man adopts British punk mannerisms and a track by The Knife

One question springs to mind when listening to Dan Sartain’s new record – why does the quintessentially American, Alabama-native rockabilly aficionado have a song on it called ‘Smash The Tesco’? What’s more, it sounds just like a brash, British anarcho-punk band, English accent and all. Still, maybe the ‘why’ isn’t important, because it’s a belligerent, berserk gem of a song. Elsewhere on this curiously eclectic record there’s a chilling cover of The Knife’s ‘Pass This On’ – “I’m in love with your brother”, Sartain sings, sinisterly – plus the gentle country swing of ‘Moonlight Swim’ and ‘Marfa Nights’, and the dark rockabilly of ‘Rawhide Moon’. Not to mention the electro-punk surge of the title track. It’s all very confusing, but sometimes it’s good to be confused.

Mischa Pearlman


Record label: One Little Indian
Release date: 28 Apr, 2014