Daniel Johnston – ‘Space Ducks’

Daniel Johnston - 'Space Ducks'


A romantic concept album about ducks - ohhhhkaaayyy

There’s been a dearth of concept albums about ducks recently (a gap I’d hoped to fill with my ‘Quack My Bitch Up’ EP featuring Drake), but despite the surreal subject matter Johnston’s soundtrack for his own comic book is romantic and deeply human. Deer Tick, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and others all contribute a track each, but the highlights come when the Texan singer-songwriter reworks The Beatles on ‘Sense Of Humor’, a heartbroken facsimile of ‘I Am The Walrus’, and when he laconically drops truth-bombs on ‘Mean Girls Give Pleasure’. Even on his weirdest duck tales, Johnston’s music comes straight from the heart.

Kevin EG Perry


Record label: Feraltone
Release date: 22 Apr, 2013