Album Review: Danton Eeprom – ‘Yes Is More’ (Foundation)

Album Review: Danton Eeprom - 'Yes Is More' (Foundation)


In the case of this idiosyncratic outsider less is more

The quest to mint the perfect dance music artist album, a counterintuitive amalgam of songs, attitude and mechanised club grooves, is as old as rave culture itself. One way is to recreate yourself – á la [b]Simon Bookish[/b], [b]Jamie Lloyd[/b] or [b]Chelonis R Jones[/b] – as a bohemian Bowie, an idiosyncratic outsider attempting to fuse rock, art and dancefloor into a chameleon whole. Frenchman [b]Danton Eeprom[/b] is of that lineage. Trouble is, his clever, moody electro-pop is only mildly diverting, while his star-quality-free excursions into minimal techno genuinely dazzle. A pointless cover of [b]‘Lost In Music’[/b], for instance, is wildly outshone by the claustrophobic drama of the 10-minute [b]‘Confessions Of An English Opium-Eater’[/b].

[b]Tony Naylor[/b]

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