Dartz!: This Is My Ship

Dartz!: This Is My Ship


Stockton boys strike the bull’s eye

It’s been said that the Ramones only had two kinds of song. Songs for punk rockers to go nuts to (the fast, agitated ones), and songs for punk rockers to smooch to (the slow, romantic ones). It’s fair to say that Stockton-born wobble punks Dartz!, on the other hand, only have one kind of song – ones

for punk rockers to get the fuck down to (the fast, giddy, heart-busting, danceable-as-shit ones). The beyond-brilliant ‘One, Twice, Again!’ twitches like the fleshy stump of a recently decapitated cadaver, while recent single ‘St Petersburg’ manages to sound like scene godfathers the Minutemen playing Chic songs. Nerdy, snappy and smart; this is jerk-punk played by real

live jerks. They’ve only got one kind of song, but hey, that doesn’t matter one bit because it’s a fucking brilliant one.

James Jam