Album review: Data Select Party

Album review: Data Select Party


Hanging Out With Humans

Facts about this album:

* Data Select Party are Dan, James, Hugo and Tom from London.

*’Hanging Out With Humans’ is their debut album.

Album review:

There’s an unwritten quality/audacity ratio that states that any band with a song called ‘The Woot The Hot The Hotness’ must be either mind-numbingly amazing or eye-rollingly cack. For about 12 seconds, Data Select Party stake a fairly decent claim to the former with ‘The White Bear’’s opening gambit of angular Dartz-cum-Johnny Foreigner pop-punk, but the steep descent into nasal pseudo-Americanism is merely a drumbeat away. Most disappointing of all, though, is that the six-song manifesto of ‘Hanging Out With Humans’ is, in reality, one exceedingly average track on constant repeat. Time to hang up the saddle guys, your one trick’s wearing pretty thin.

Lisa Wright

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