Album review: Deadmau5 – ‘For Lack Of A Better Name’

Album review: Deadmau5 - 'For Lack Of A Better Name'

One mouse that's fallen into the trap of hype

Deadmau5: the latest in a long line of rhythmic rodents ([a]Danger Mouse[/a], [b]Mickey Mouse[/b], [a]Jamie T[/a]) to foreground their music with a large pair of ears and a love of cheese. “Ha ha ha” everyone said at the festivals as they chaotically danced to the Canadian-born Ableton aficionado’s bass-filth tomthumpery and saw the silly mouse helmet he wears. Well, now there’s a CD of it, and this time you can’t distract yourself with the mask-based theatrics, behind which hides a neat if uninspiring collection of faceless electro ‘stuff’, all pretty nondescript. This being a compilation of odds and sods though, maybe his debut proper will bring the goods. One for fans of taking drugs and being thirsty.

[b]Alex Hoban[/b]

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