Dean Wareham – ‘Emancipated Hearts’

Dean Wareham - 'Emancipated Hearts'


Look beneath the surface of this record, and you’ll find a deep, rewarding roil of emotional currents

That Dean Wareham’s debut solo mini-album contains just six tracks, yet feels more complete than most full albums we’ve heard this year, speaks volumes for the former Galaxie 500 frontman’s ability to imbue even the slightest of songs with world-weary weight and heft. The unhurried, circuitous likes of ‘Love Is Colder Than Death’ and ‘The Ticking Is The Bomb’ find him on familiar ground, but it’s ‘The Deadliest Day Since The Invasion Began’, with its subtle echoes of The Byrds’ ‘I Come And Stand At Every Door’, that packs the greatest punch. As ever, Wareham’s work sounds like the model of stateliness and simplicity, but look beneath the surface, and you’ll

find a deep, rewarding roil of complex emotional currents.

Barry Nicolson


Record label: Sonic Cathedral