Dear Reader – ‘Idealistic Animals’

Dear Reader - 'Idealistic Animals'


Dark doubts lie at the core of this record

An album with songs all named after different kinds of animals may well strike fear into the heart of some, but that’s nothing compared to the dark doubts that lie at this the core of this unusual record. Across these 11 zoologically themed tracks, [b]Cheri MacNeil[/b] tries to build a new belief system, or at least lay some scaffolding over the howling hole left by the loss of her religious faith. It’s done without melodrama and with dark wit on the likes of ‘[b]Mole (Mole)[/b]’, with a bright, fixed-smile brio, like a folksy [a]St Vincent[/a]. Musically, it’s nowhere near as life-changing as its subject matter, but MacNeil’s mortality menagerie make cute enough companions in the void.

[i]Duncan Gillespie[/i]


Director: Brent Knopf
Record label: City Slang
Release date: 09 Jan, 2012