Deerhoof – ‘Breakup Song’

Deerhoof - 'Breakup Song'


The world condensed into compact cubes of art-pop-prog surrealism

Eighteen years since their first baby steps as a band, Deerhoof honour Aaliyah by confirming that age ain’t nothing but a number. The quartet are pretty much middle-aged now, but still manage to condense the world into compact cubes of art-pop-prog surrealism with a childishly pure air. Despite their 11th album’s title, ‘Breakup Song’, it’s no emo mope: there are two songs about flowers, and Satomi Matsuzaki sings like someone thrilled with each new day’s fresh possibilities. No-wave krunch meets mutant disco shuffle meets snippets of global radness and, yeah, it’s better than Animal Collective’s new one.

Noel Gardner