Deerhoof – ‘La Isla Bonita’

Deerhoof - 'La Isla Bonita'


A typically baffling and eclectic offering from the experimental quartet

After two decades of experiments across their expansive art/pop/punk spectrum, it’s still impossible to predict what Deerhoof will do next. ‘La Isla Bonita’ – with the exception of ‘Mirror Monster’, which glides from eerie and downbeat to emotionally devastating – is all about showcasing their daft array of riffs. There are big, bloated punk ones (‘Exit Only’), awkward funky ones (‘Paradise Girls’), erratic ones (‘Big House Waltz’) and nonsensical ones (‘Black Pitch’). This is an album of difficult rhythms, squawking guitars and bohemian eccentricities that will leave fans delighted and everyone else baffled – just as their 12 others have done. Business as usual, then, but who’s complaining?

Robert Cooke


Record label: Upset The Rhythm