Album review: Deftones – ‘Diamond Eyes’ (Warner Bros)

Album review: Deftones - 'Diamond Eyes' (Warner Bros)


Metallic masters back on top form

It’s a decade since [b]‘White Pony’[/b] finally pushed [a]Deftones[/a] towards wider critical acceptance, but as [b]‘Diamond Eyes’[/b] shows, they’ve always sounded timeless. And despite having a rich story behind it – they recorded an album ([b]‘Eros’[/b]) but before its release bassist Chi Cheng was hospitalised; former Quicksand man Sergio Vega was drafted in and before they knew it they’d written this – ‘Diamond Eyes’ is as gloriously non-era-specific as ever. [b]‘Rocket Skates’[/b] and [b]‘You’ve Seen The Butcher’[/b] both reward repeat listening and impress on the first blast, and the bloodthirsty ‘Risk’ is a real throwback to their early days. A brilliant, invigorating reintroduction.

[b]Rob Parker[/b]

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