Album Review: Delays – ‘Star Tiger Star Ariel’ (Lookout Mountain)

Album Review: Delays - 'Star Tiger Star Ariel' (Lookout Mountain)


An album that glimmers timidly in the murk

There’s something of the perennial underachiever about indie popsters [b]Delays[/b] that makes it impossible to really hate them. Slamming their milk-fed jangle and singer Greg Gilbert’s trademark Liz Fraser-with-a-head-cold falsetto feels every bit as wrong as stamping on the tiny heads of kittens. And the truth is, as with their three former albums, between the [b]Killers[/b]-lite electro fluff and shoegaze flutterings lie a couple of pretty snazzy pop songs glimmering timidly in the murk. One day we’re quite sure [b]Delays[/b] will collect these together for a thoroughly pleasant ‘Best Of’ album and all will be well with the world.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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