Album Review: Delorean – ‘Subiza’ (True Panther Sounds)

Album Review: Delorean - 'Subiza' (True Panther Sounds)


A new era for mainstream dance music?

Will Lee Evans ever get funny? And will cheesy house music ever become properly credible? Eternal questions, but Spain’s [b]Delorean[/b] resolutely answer the last. With one foot in Manumission and the other in [b]Delphic[/b], they do for mainstream chav dance what [b]New Order[/b] did for Krautronica in the ’80s – hook its bouncy electronic pianos and soul singer loops to undeniably uplifting pop tunes with an echo-chamber elegance. They’re called wankery chill-out names like [b]‘Endless Sunset’[/b] and [b]‘Infinite Desert’[/b] but are elevated above their base genre and boring titles by the general air of [b]Animal Collective[/b]-gone-raving-down-Pacha. Almost – almost – enough to get us on a podium.

[b]Mark Beaumont[/b]

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