Delorean – ‘Apar’

Delorean - 'Apar'


The Spanish dream-weavers return

Balearic dream-weavers Delorean have being dealing with crises of varying magnitude since 2010’s ‘Subiza’. Both personal heartbreaks and the Spanish economic crash are frontline concerns on latest album ‘Apar’ (meaning ‘froth’ in Basque), but this is no weary, introverted or battle-beaten album. “There’s no turning back from this” is the optimistic call to arms on ‘Destitute Times’, as they try to build a danceable future on the rubble of ruin. The sun-kissed twang of ‘Dominion’, meanwhile, soars with confidence. Musically it’s not a huge departure from ‘Subiza’, but if it ain’t broke there’s no point fixing it.

Alex Hoban


Record label: True Panther