Album Review: Delta Spirit

Album Review: Delta Spirit


Ode To Sunshine

Facts about this album:

* Delta Spirit are Jon Jameson (bass), Brandon Young (percussion), Matthew Vasquez (vocals), Sean Walker (guitar), and Kelly Winrich (multi-instrumentalist).

* ‘Ode To Sunshine’ was recorded and produced by the band in a cabin in the San Diego mountains.

Album review:

Like Creedence Clearwater Revival and, recently, Cold War Kids, Delta Spirit channel the swampy rock of the Mississippi Delta – at least as imagined by college dudes from the West Coast. Of the recent host of indie-rockers working this strain of Americana, Delta Spirit attack their songs with unusually ragged fervour, muddling the Southern revival vibe with vintage SoCal college rock (‘Tomorrow Goes Away’) and Dylanesque ’60s folkie protest music (the harmonica-spiked ‘People Turn Around’). Their sound is timeworn and instantly familiar: the “set me free” chorus of ‘Streetwalker’ is pure Springsteen, while the honky-tonk of ‘Trashcan’ is classic Stones, made more remarkable by the sandpaper snarl of their frontman.

Tessa Harris

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