Album review: Deradoorian

Album review: Deradoorian


The Mind Raft EP

Not content with being a part of Brooklyn-based Dirty Projectors, Angel Deradoorian has opted for a spot of moonlighting away from the ever-expanding lineup of her wet experimental indie cohorts for her first solo EP. And, for a few moments, it seems like a great decision, with her creamy vocal taking you on an emotionally tumultuous journey during ‘High Road’, and sitting her in the same warm, finessed company as Nina Nastasia or Kristin Hersh. Unfortunately, by the next track, ‘You Carry The Deed’, she’s left sounding like a cross between the faux-soul of American Idol star Kelly Clarkson and the warble of Antony Hegarty – and you’re left wondering if she might’ve been better off sticking to the day job after all.

Ash Dosanjh

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