The Detroit Cobras


Tied & True

About 100 years ago, before new rave and My Chemical Romance stalked the land like a glowstick-waving, self-loathing hydra, music from Detroit ruled the world. The White Stripes (obviously) made a success of it, but behind them was a legion of bands making whoopee in a garage-rock revival. Prime among them were The Detroit Cobras, whose stock-in trade was taking long-forgotten vintage pop gems and primitive blues and turning them into sweat-drenched soul shouters. And that, four albums in, is what they are still doing. ‘Tied & True’ sounds like it was recorded in the belly of a valve amp. At times it’s a success – ‘As Long As I Have You’ is the right mix of sleaze and stalking, while ‘Try Love’ is Brill Building girl-pop after a messy divorce. But mostly it just feels like a particularly old pub band cranking through the gears. MCR can rest easy.

Paul McNamee