Devil Sold His Soul


A Fragile Hope

Devil Sold His Soul: they do down-tuned guitars like Will Haven, stretch single riffs out for seven minutes like only Tool can, and mix in the splintered screamo throat-squall of Hopesfall. The result, however, is painfully less than the sum of its parts. Live, DSHS rock like Armageddon is just round the corner, but on record they’re a disorganised slush of compacted guitars and stock metal howls. That they’ve been hailed as saviours in metal outlets merely proves the current paucity of the British scene. Still, they offer some hope. ‘Awaiting The Flood’ belies its title by tossing you into the proverbial flood, conjuring up the sensation that salt water is rushing into your lungs while you paw at the fading slivers of topside sunlight. It’s scary. In general, though, DSHS are just scarily average.

Mike Sterry