Devin – ‘Romancing’

Devin - 'Romancing'


Brash, exciting music

Devin Therriault’s one of those dudes whose music gets compared to all other music. Internetting (try it yourself!) will throw up the New York Dolls, Ramones, The Black Keys, Joan Jett, The Strokes, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, The Stooges, The Smiths, Lou Reed… If his debut gets the Brooklyn boy anywhere near as far as any of that lot the 23-year-old will be able to afford plenty more Brylcreem for his monster quiff. And you know what, maybe he will. Because ‘Romancing’ is full of brash, exciting music that’s as fun as doing The Big Shop with headphones in and is, therefore, highly recommended for anyone looking for something new to stomp to while buying carrots.

[i]Tom Howard[/i]


Director: Chris Zane
Record label: No Evil
Release date: 21 May, 2012