Diagrams – ‘Black Light’

Diagrams - 'Black Light'


Orthodox songs injected with a jazzy synth

Although Sam Genders, the sole fixed member of Diagrams, embarked on this project after bailing out of London-based indie-folk artisans [a]Tunng[/a], unfortunately he didn’t do so before they became a very boring band. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t wholly turn you against [b]‘Black Light’[/b], which abandons any pretence towards the rustic and embraces gleaming, airbrushed pop moves. There are lots of synths and cod-jazzy electronic drums, pepping up songs which are otherwise polite and orthodox. [b]‘Appetite’[/b] is dreamy enough to compare to [a]Gruff Rhys[/a]’ recent efforts, while John Martyn and Scritti Politti seem to inform many of these nine songs’ finer moments.

[i]Noel Gardner[/i]


Director: Mark Brydon, Subliminal Kid, Sam Genders
Record label: Full Time Hobby
Release date: 16 Jan, 2012