Dinosaur Jr – ‘I Bet On Sky’

Dinosaur Jr - 'I Bet On Sky'


Loud, weighty but oddly civilised

What happens to reformed bands that overstay their initial nostalgia-driven welcome? It’s rare for them to make notable new music, and it’s even rarer for their third album since reuniting to yield some of their best work. ‘I Bet On Sky’ can’t hope to compete with the glory-era Dinosaur of the late ’80s, and nor does it try. Instead, we find them expertly pulling off previously alien tricks such as nuance and pianos to complement J Mascis’ effortless fretboard heroics and perma-jaded vocals. The sun-frazzled mood occasionally edges towards torpor but Dinosaur are rescued by their restlessness. Loud, weighty but oddly civilised.

Thom Gibbs


Record label: PIAS
Release date: 17 Sep, 2012