Dinosaur Pile-Up – ‘Nature Nurture’

Dinosaur Pile-Up - 'Nature Nurture'


Dinosaur Pile-Up grow up

It’s not that Leeds band Dinosaur Pile-Up have changed that much since they formed in 2007, they’ve just grown up. This happens to everyone, of course. But just like Weezer before them, DPU are at their best when they’re being naive and sparky, not all mature. When Matt Bigland, Mike Sheils and James Sacha hit their ball-busting, subtlety-be-damned stride, as on the riff-heavy sass of ‘Heather’ or ‘Summer Gurl’, there are mighty kicks to be had. But without the youthful abandon of 2010 debut ‘Growing Pains’, tracks such as ‘White T-Shirt And Jeans’ lack a certain euphoric rush.

Lisa Wright


Record label: So Recordings
Release date: 17 Jun, 2013