Album Review: Dionne Bromfield – ‘Good For The Soul’

Album Review: Dionne Bromfield - 'Good For The Soul'

Another teen star for the bland collection

Since every reasonable-minded person is in agreement that the overt sexualization of children is a Very Bad Thing, can someone tell [a]Dionne Bromfield[/a] to lay off it a bit? [b]‘Too Soon To Call It Love’[/b]? No shit, you’re 15! Of course it is! As a protégée, and indeed godchild, of a certain [a]Amy Winehouse[/a], you can probably guess what Bromfield’s second album sounds like, though her voice (through no fault of her own, admittedly) lacks her mentor’s lived-in pathos.

Too many of the songs not being quite up to snuff are a bigger issue, though in this post-[a]Adele[/a] world, that’s unlikely to be much of an impediment to its success.

Barry Nicolson

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