DJ Yoda – ‘Breakfast Of Champions’

DJ Yoda - 'Breakfast Of Champions'


Duncan Beiny mixes unusual samples with languid jazz and wobbly bass on his third album

Forward-thinking but still like an old-fashioned hip-hop album, ‘Breakfast Of Champions’ retains the magpie ear for unusual and musically rich samples that characterises DJ Yoda’s excellent ‘How To Cut And Paste’ mixtapes. Duncan Beiny’s third album under this alias unites him with a Wu-Tang Clan’s worth of little-known British MCs. ‘Day To Night’ mixes Rex Domino and Sparkz’s UK hip-hop slang with languid jazz, ‘Pebble Beach’ conjures up Caribbean beaches and Looney Tune cartoons and ‘The Baddest’ fashions a grimy beat out of blues harmonica and wobbly brass. The latter ends with a sample of LL Cool J saying he’s “just provin’ I’m bad”. This excellent record does the same for DJ Yoda.


Record label: Kartel/Believe Digital
Release date: 02 Feb, 2015