Album Review: DMX Krew – Wave Funk (Rephlex)

Album Review: DMX Krew - Wave Funk (Rephlex)


Ed Upton widens his electro-scope to tackle old-school acid house

As Ed Upton’s work title [b]DMX Krew[/b] suggests, his original obsession was breakdance-orientated electro but that has widened out into a love for old school acid house, electronische, library music, radiophonic-style ambience and instrumental pop. At their best the tracks off this album share

some of the same icy splendour as early [b]Autechre[/b] and some of the sinister Roland squelch of [b]AFX[/b]’s recent Analord material. A couple of the tracks on this lengthy double album reissue are unnecessarily baroque and one or two stumble into muzak territory, but, you know, buy this reasonably priced double and make your own 10/10 compilation.

[b]John Doran[/b]

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