Dog Is Dead – ‘All Our Favourite Stories’

Dog Is Dead - 'All Our Favourite Stories'


Their early oddball indie pop has been sanded off in favour of uninspiring anthemic rock

With their affected vocal harmonies, awkwardly angled guitar play and a penchant for schmaltzy saxophone solos, there was an endearingly goofy charm to Dog Is Dead upon their 2008 arrival. But the Nottingham five-piece have been given a major-label reboot for their debut LP, and the rough edges that gave them their early oddball indie pop character have been sanded off in favour of earnest but uninspiring anthemic rock. Zesty older tracks like ‘Glockenspiel Song’ are buried beneath common-denominator stadium yawns such as ‘Heal It’, while even the once-punchy ‘River Jordan’ has been refined for the BBC montages they’re now being sculpted for.

Simon Jay Catling