Album Review: Dolly Parton – ‘Better Day’

Album Review: Dolly Parton - 'Better Day'


Dolly's still as perky as always

Forty-one albums in and [a]Dolly Parton[/a] hasn’t lost any of the perkiness present in her 1967 debut [b]‘Hello, I’m Dolly’[/b]. Unlike the rest of the still-with-us Americana stars who broke through in the same era, she hasn’t become a mumbling [a]Bob Dylan[/a] or a grouchy [a]Neil Young[/a]. Somehow she still dodges the realms of parody, which is pretty impressive considering that hair and those tits. A stonking collection of slick honky-tonk pop, the belting Stadium Nashville of [b]‘Together You And I’[/b] shows [a]Taylor Swift[/a] a thing or three, while [b]‘Shine Like The Sun’[/b] and [b]‘The Sacrifice’[/b] are pure [b]Mumfords[/b] meets [b]Miley Cyrus[/b].

Leonie Cooper