Album Review: Dom – ‘Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP’

Album Review: Dom - 'Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP'


Their UK debut EP, just in time for the summer sun.

Just in case you missed their US-only release last year, Massachusetts synth-scuzz buzz oddballs [a]Dom[/a] have remastered their debut EP just in time for the first rays of the UK summer.

While the likes of flirty, Casio-loving paean to the US [b]‘Living In America’[/b] and lead singer Dominic’s personal anthem to his cat [b]‘Bochicha’[/b] (which weirdly recalls mid-period [a]Supergrass[/a]) don’t exactly sound wildly different to before, the re-release does ram it home that the trio have a rather nifty way with a battered Strat, cheap-ass keyboard and second-hand AC30. They’ve set themselves up nicely here, already nipping on the heels of fellow slacker extraordinaires [a]Surfer Blood[/a] and [a]Yuck[/a]…

Matt Wilkinson

Sunbronzed Greek Gods