Doseone – ‘G Is For Deep’

Doseone - 'G Is For Deep'


A ambitious album, ruined by Doseone's vocal

‘Different’ is the word being used about this album, and with good reason. For his first solo release, Doseone has decided to abandon rap in favour of drunk singing, which was then edited while sober. The result is an alien funk, in which scampering beats collide with wistful vocal lines. Doseone was apparently trying to create music that was equal parts considered and impulsive. In this, he has succeeded – ‘Therapist This’, for example, marries a childlike melody to fearsomely complex backing. But your appreciation for this fascinating, frustrating album will ultimately depend on your tolerance for Doseone’s unique voice – a strangled croon that threatens to turn milk.

[i]Ben Cardew[/i]


Director: Doseone
Record label: Anticon
Release date: 09 Jul, 2012