Dum Dum Girls – ‘End Of Daze EP’

Dum Dum Girls - 'End Of Daze EP'


A collection of outtakes rather than a full display of their songwriting muscle

Sticking with the formula of last year’s full-length ‘Only In Dreams’ – which gave a lick of polish to the fast-paced rock’n’roll of their earlier recordings – ‘End Of Daze’ feels like its mellow younger sibling. Kristin Gundred, aka Dee Dee, proves her mastery of the pop hook with the standout track ‘Lord Knows’ – an arm-flailing ballad with a chord progression so euphoric it should come with a vertigo warning. It’s a shame nothing else on ‘End Of Daze’ meets its might. While ‘I Got Nothing’ serves up another killer chorus, opener ‘Mine Tonight’ meanders with no obvious direction, while a sprawling cover of Strawberry Switchblade’s ‘Trees And Flowers’ lacks the new-wave spangle of the original. For a band who’ve proved more than capable of making a brilliant EP – 2011’s ‘He Gets Me High’ was a rip-roaring prequel to their second album – this is instead a solid collection of outtakes, rather than a full display of their songwriting muscle.

Jenny Stevens