Dustin Wong – ‘Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads’

Dustin Wong - 'Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads'


This record is one whole impressive piece

Ed Sheeran has a lot to answer for, but for now we blame him for the death of the loop pedal – a useful tool becomes naff with one flick of his child sneakers. But it’s OK, because [a]Dustin Wong[/a] is here to reclaim it. The second solo release from the guitarist from Ponytail (RIP) is constructed from loop pedal machinations, mostly using his guitar with various effects. A distant cousin to Robert Fripp’s flowing, surging Frippertronics, ‘Dreams…’ is coarser, staccato riffs stuttering into infinity. The tracks have separate names but they’re really just one whole impressive piece, about as far from Sheeran as you can get.

[i]Tom Pinnock[/i]


Director: Dustin Wong
Record label: Thrill Jockey
Release date: 20 Feb, 2012