DZ Deathrays – ‘Black Rat’

DZ Deathrays - 'Black Rat'


The Aussie hellraisers find new ways to party on the follow-up to 'Bloodstreams'

On their 2012 debut ‘Bloodstreams’, DZ Deathrays put out a siren call to headbanging pissheads everywhere. Two years on, it looks like Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley might have grown up.

‘Black Rat’ is just as fun, bright and sloppy, but this time the Brisbane duo are reflecting on sleep deprivation and broken relationships. Restlessness courses throughout, first appearing on ‘Northern Lights’ as Parsons sings “So tired, lay awake at night”, before ‘Nightwalking’ has him wandering the streets searching for “somewhere to be”.

There’s respite from whatever is troubling DZ in the music itself, though. ‘Fixations’ is pure pop dolled up in crunching riffs and futuristic bleeps, providing giddy relief amid the darkness, and ‘Reflective Skull’ is too stupendously catchy to bring anyone down. The hangover may be setting in, but DZ Deathrays have found new ways to party.

Rhian Daly


Director: Burke Reid
Record label: Infectious
Release date: 18 Aug, 2014