Album review: Eddy Current Supression Ring – ‘Rush To Relax’ (Melodic)

Album review: Eddy Current Supression Ring - 'Rush To Relax' (Melodic)


Fuss-free, funtimes Aussie garage rockers

Melbourne’s rawest, rudest and most uncomplicatedly lovable quartet released their first two Australian albums over here as a double-disc set last summer. Now we’re fully primed in their rough-and-ready, mile-a-minute garage-rock ways they’ve only gone and thrown another musical shrimp on the barbie! Xenophobic jokes aside, their early Kings/Black Lips/Soft Pack rattle’n’roll is like ham sandwiches – simple, tasty. Recorded in mere hours for mere pence, it’s got all the energy and dynamism of a pencil sketch. “We never want music to feel like a chore,” says guitarist Mikey Young. Too true.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]