Album review: Eels – End Times (Vagrant/Cooperative)

Album review: Eels - End Times (Vagrant/Cooperative)


The soundtrack to a divorce lawyer's waiting room

We like to hope that lawyers specialising in heartbreak and bitter recriminations have [a]Eels[/a]’ eighth studio effort, aka [b]Mark ‘E’ Everett[/b]’s “divorce album”, looping in their waiting rooms. Still brimming with depressing song subjects (‘[b]Electro-Shock Blues[/b]’ chronicled the death of each of his family members), E tells of talking to birds for lack of company (‘[b]Little Bird[/b]’) and his eventual hermetic lifestyle (‘[b]Mansions[/b]’). If Christmas has made you wish you could wink-bloody-murder your partner then this probably isn’t the first album you should whack on in 2010. If not, you’ll find [b]Eels[/b]’ most revealing, autobiographical work-to-date to be the most beautiful break-up record since [a]Beck[/a]’s ‘[b]Sea Change[/b]’.

[b]Camille Augarde[/b]

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