Album review: Effi Briest – ‘Rhizomes’ (Blastfirstpetite)

Album review: Effi Briest - 'Rhizomes' (Blastfirstpetite)

Darkly brilliant debut from witches of NY post-punk

While [a]The Drums[/a] nab from UK twee-pop, fellow New Yorkers [a]Effi Briest[/a] are turning tricks inspired by another ’80s British style, gothic post-punk. In particular evidence is the lysergic psychedelia of [a]Siouxsie And The Banshees[/a] circa ‘[b]A Kiss In The Dreamhouse[/b]’, echoed on the title track’s clanging guitars and shrill vocals. There’s more pagan witchcraft than backcombing and hairspray on the all-female group’s spooky debut, though – percussion clatters in tribal patterns, vocals chant wyrd invocations and quasi-disco beats collide with backwards tapes. A stunning maze of a debut – just mind you don’t get turned into a toad while you’re lost in it.

[b]Tom Pinnock[/b]

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