Album Review: Efterklang – ‘Magic Chairs’

Album Review: Efterklang - 'Magic Chairs'


Take your seats for the new heroes of experimental indie

Considering that band meetings of Danish post-rock experimentalists probably involve cardigans, no smiling and are set in black and white, you wouldn’t think they’d pass a motion to make a bid for the mainstream. But, after years of self-producing with old tin pots in their Copenhagen bunker, [b]Efterklang[/b]’s first release on the legendary 4AD label is packed full of immediate melodies and soul – like on the moving call to arms of [b]‘Modern Drift’[/b]. When they’re not lushing it with strings and pianos, [b]‘Raincoats’[/b] beautifully apes the awkward funk of [a]Radiohead’s[/a] [b]‘15 Step’[/b], and with main vocalist Casper Clausen sounding like Chris Martin, you can’t help think this is the kind of record [a]Coldplay[/a] and [b]Brian Eno[/b] should have made.

[b]Matt Warwick[/b]

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