Electricity In Our Homes – ‘Dear Shareholder’

Electricity In Our Homes - 'Dear Shareholder'


A disappointing debut

London can royally warp senses of perception. Profligate capital city trio [a]Electricity In Our Homes[/a]’ bubbling-under buzz has translated into a five-year ‘career’ only now culminating in this debut album. Quite why anybody outside the M25 would judge ‘Dear Shareholder’ as a reasonable return for half a decade of shambling lo-fi C86isms is anybody’s guess. Granted, Wire and The Charlatans are notable supporters, the former undeniably audible in vague highlight ‘Fast As Lightning’. But to paraphrase one of Britain’s truly great 21st-century rock protagonists, Mclusky, what’s the point of doing it yourself when it sounds so shit?

[i]David Westle[/i]


Record label: Fierce Panda
Release date: 27 Feb, 2012