Elvis Perkins


Ash Wednesday

His name is half king of rock’n’roll, half queen of high street womenswear, but Elvis Perkins’ backstory gets even more curious when you discover his dad played Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho killer Norman Bates. Perhaps dazzled by the famous name, chin-stroking broadsheet critics have compared to him Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Those are obvious influences, but Elvis’ music is closer in sound and spirit to the ramshackle country-folk of James Yorkston and King Creosote. Informed by the passing of his mum, who died on 9/11, the downbeat campfire arrangements of ‘Ash Wednesday’ complement Elvis’ charcoal voice. The problem is that his songs are rarely good enough to draw you into his doleful world – the gorgeous ‘It’s A Sad World After All’ excepted – and he comes across as morose rather than someone to share your last cigarette with.

Sam Richards