Album Review: Emma Pollock – ‘The Law Of Large Numbers’

Album Review: Emma Pollock - 'The Law Of Large Numbers'


The former Delgardos frontwoman's triumphant return to grandiose indie

When going solo from a respected indie act, one should always ask ‘What would [b]Björk[/b] do?’ [b]Pollock[/b] – honey-lunged heroine of Scottish bluster-popsters [b]The Delgados[/b] – disregarded this rule by chasing $$$s on her 2007 solo debut. Now Pollock has rediscovered her former band’s grandiose esoterica and stark, scratchy danger: [b]‘Hug The Harbour’[/b] is tribal alt.pop, [b]‘Nine Lives’[/b] sinister ragtime jazz and [b]‘I Could Be A Saint’[/b] sounds like the most tuneful slashings of a serial killer nicknamed The Xylophone. Think Flo and Regina stalking [a]Nick Cave[/a]; the music box threat of [b]‘Red Oranges Green’[/b] or [b]‘Confessions’[/b]’ sultry electro wouldn’t be out of place on [b]Björk[/b]’s [b]‘Post’[/b]. Now, where’s the swan dress?

[b]Mark Beaumont[/b]

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