Album review: Eric Copeland – ‘Alien In A Garbage Dump’

Album review: Eric Copeland - 'Alien In A Garbage Dump'


Arty noise for the cooler-than-thou

The tougher-eared amongst you may know Eric Copeland as one half of Brooklyn’s hyper-hip, DFA-signed experimental electronic types [a]Black Dice[/a]. This is his second solo effort and one of the seven songs – sorry, ‘pieces’ – is entitled ‘Reptilian Space Beings Shapeshifting Bloodsucking Vampires’. That’s as good a description as any of the weird-noisefest contained within. It’s arty, it’s farty, it’s at times strangely hypnotic and if you leave it on your record collection it will make you look really cool. If that’s your thing…

[b]Liam Cash[/b]

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