Album review: ESG – Dance To The Beat Of ESG (Fire)

Album review: ESG - Dance To The Beat Of ESG (Fire)


Influential and bad-ass - this 'Best Of' blows the contemporaries out the water

Three greatest hits compilations in a decade might seem excessive, but [b]ESG[/b] are justifiably about thrice as relevant as any of the other bands trotting out best ofs these days, so we’re not about to quibble. For the uninitiated, [b]ESG[/b] were like the proto girl hip-hop gang in the late ’70s – made up of the myriad (and badass) Scroggins sisters – responsible for the attitude that rips through [a]MIA[/a]’s offerings, for bringing hip-hop funk to uptight post-punk, and giving samples to bands as disparate as [b]TLC[/b] and [a]Liars[/a]. Now they’re broke and drive buses for a living. Get this incredible, comprehensive compilation to give something back to a band who gave so much.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]