Album Review: Everyone To The Anderson – ‘The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse’


Marrying past and present with rock finesse

Bemoaning the vainglory of retromania à la pop critic Simon Reynolds is to overlook the art of fine-tuning; ETTA may dabble with post-rock profundity, but they do so with finesse.

Possessing the math-rock acumen of Foals – heard on jaunty opener [b]‘High Brow, Low Brow, No Eye Brow’[/b] – the Brighton three-piece build upon the back-catalogues of noise rockers of yore, tweaking them to recall [b]Sunn O)))[/b]’s brutal simplicity on [b]‘Hope In The Valley’[/b] and Shellac’s rhythmic furore on [b]‘Danzig High Flyer’[/b]. Sometimes, you can have both a foot in the past and a finger on the pulse.

Ash Dosanjh