Album review: Example – ‘Playing In The Shadows’

Album review: Example – 'Playing In The Shadows'


Big tunes, big attitude and a pretty big deal whether you like it or not

The world needs [a]Example[/a] and his gurning rave-hop, lowering the tone and turning the charts into a week-long episode of [i]Skins[/i], calling out [a]Arctic Monkeys[/a] for stealing his parking space as quickly as [a]Ke$ha[/a] for being generally hideous. Truth is, if you’re reading this magazine you’ve probably already made your mind up, but [b]‘Playing In The Shadows’[/b] thankfully has no time for third album growing-up, upping the bosh factor while now building tunes of some sort of proper scale. Next to this, even with [a]Kelis[/a] on his team, [a]Calvin Harris[/a] looks like nothing but a ninny.

Dan Martin


Director: Various
Record label: Ministry Of Sound
Release date: 05 Sep, 2011