Explosions In The Night Sky & Steve Jablonsky – ‘Lone Survivor OST’

Explosions In The Night Sky & Steve Jablonsky - 'Lone Survivor OST'


Texan quartet live up to their name with less than subtle cinematic bluster

The instrumental soundtrack to new Mark Wahlberg war film Lone Survivor is a meeting of the stormy atmospherics of Explosions In The Sky (arguably the most self-descriptive band name in post-rock) and composer Jablonksy (Transformers, Nightmare On Elm Street). Always a band aiming for the IMAX, the meld gives a suitably filmic thrust to EITS’s subtly stretched sound, perforated with machine gun drums and a steady swing between droning atmospherics and Mogwai-esque bluster. Admittedly, its context is being played under poignant speeches in US army barracks rather than being stuck on at 1am to gee up a house party but still, we challenge anyone to get past half the 20 tracks here without putting on a Clint Mansell score instead.

Jamie Fullerton


Record label: Metropolis Movie Music
Release date: 17 Dec, 2013