Album review: Eyelash



Facts about this album:

The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael oddly described Eyelash as “the best band in London in the past five years”.

Singer Fe Salomon appeared on Channel 4 reality TV series Musicool

If, as on one ‘Recession’ album track, you get ‘Blood On Your Blue Jeans’, soaking overnight in cold water usually does the trick.

Album review:

Not the most imaginative of album titles, is it? Still, it’s the least of Eyelash’s problems, if the gargantuan chunks of dreadfully dated musical chunder that have been spewed into this debut are anything to go by. Image-wise, the London-based foursome seem to be channelling the ‘tragic tranny does Camden Market’ look, but it’s their sound that is most unforgivable; ‘Recession’ boasts an embarrassing blend of insufferable vocal hysteria, ridiculously over-produced power riffs and an astonishing lack of lyrical imagination (‘Blood On My Blue Jeans’ is one of the biggest culprits). A lifetime of poverty doesn’t seem such a bad prospect after this.

Camilla Pia