Album review: Fact – ‘Fact’

Album review: Fact - 'Fact'


Beyond the call of duty

Dear Reviews Editor. Please consider this my resignation; after trudging through this shit-drenched nightmare of a record, I no longer want to ever hear again.

I confess, I was initially intrigued by the idea of five masked Japanese dudes spraying Refused’s hardcore Vs dance template with an emo-pop sheen. But, after a few listens (after I’d paused to vomit over myself), the buffed guitars and characterless screams sounded less like music and more like the collective asphyxi-wank of a marketing team hell-bent on exploiting lonely pre-teens who aren’t brave enough for Between The Buried And Me’s quiet/loud symphonies or late-period AFI’s techno-goth rumblings. Oh, it gets 1/10 because it’s at least better than Brokencyde. Yours faithfully,

[b]Ben Patashnik[/b]