Album Review: Fairewell – ‘Poor, Poor Grendel’

Album Review: Fairewell - 'Poor, Poor Grendel'


A nice balance of bombast and humble content

Just in case anyone still remembers Johnny White’s [b]The Rollercoaster Project[/b], he’s attempted to bury its memory completely by changing name and label. There’s always a sense of knowing what you’ll get with Sonic Cathedral, but while ‘[b]Poor, Poor Grendel[/b]’ reaches many of their touchstones – amorphous drones on ‘[b]Wild Meadow/I’ve Been Locked Away[/b]’, hidden vocals on ‘[b]So May You All[/b]’ – the DIY spirit fights through. From lyrics about Tesco to the lo-fi synths of [b]‘Sunday Towns’[/b], Fairewell balance bombast and more humble content.

[i]Simon Jay Catling[/i]


Record label: Sonic Cathedral
Release date: 05 Dec, 2011