Fall Out Boy – ‘Save Rock And Roll’

Fall Out Boy - 'Save Rock And Roll'


Daytime radio gold that'll require a leap of faith

When any band heads back into the studio after a lengthy hiatus, it’s often accompanied by a burning desire to return to their roots. So, be warned, anyone hoping for Fall Out Boy’s reunion to see them ditch the slick radio-pop of divisive 2008 album ‘Folie A Deux’ and return to their pop-punk past is going to be seriously disappointed. From the second the sampled strings of opener ‘The Phoenix’ kick in it’s clear that ‘Save Rock And Roll’ isn’t even remotely like old-school Fall Out Boy. ‘Alone Together’ is powered by sampled beats and distorted children’s choir, and the band give rapper Big Sean a verse all to himself on ‘The Mighty Fall’. Even when Courtney Love turns up on ‘Rat A Tat’ with a weird spoken-word guest spot the track very quickly turns into daytime radio gold. That’s not to say this is a bad record, just one that’s clearly in love with pop music, and one that’ll require another leap of faith from the band’s hardcore fanbase.

Tom Goodwyn


Record label: Universal
Release date: 22 Apr, 2013